Yulma Violette, Phoenix Metro

Missed and never forgotten

Yulma a Very dear friend of mine left this world. She leaves the wold a better place for having had her in it.She had an infectious smile and laugh that could light up the darkest day.She could warm up a cold room with her presence.I was fortunate enough to have been a part of her story. She married my best friend and they have two great girls that are as beautiful as their mother. I’m sure St. Peter opened up the pearly gates wide to let her in. Im Sure My dad who passed last year was there to greet herwith a big smile.

We must remember time we have on this earth is precious never forget that so say your i love you’s and call old friends for you never know what tomorrow brings. Yulma was loved by all who knew her and she holds a spot in my heart and memory for as long as im alive. Someone is truly never gone al long as you keep their memory alive .Friend you will be missed until we meet again. Love Bobby